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Computer Pepair

Our computer repair services include troubleshooting software and hardware as well as the repair of name brand equipment such as: IBM, DELL, HP, Compaq, Acer, Sony, Toshiba and Gateway...

We offer a wide range of computer services.


  • Emergency on-site Computer Repair.
  • Desktop/ Laptop repair.
  • Virus Removal/ Spyware Removals.
  • Data Backup/ Data recovery.
  • Clean Windows/ Installation Windows.
  • Slow Computer/ Computer tune up.
  • Hardware Installation.
  • Software Installation.
  • Internet Problem.
  • Printer Problem.
  • Wireless Setup/ Networking.

Secure Online Backup

Do you feel insecure about losing all your critical data and files?

Do you end up spending on expensive equipments or media to store your important data as back up?

According to the latest statistical figures one in every ten hard drives fail every year. Also the cost of recovering a failed hard drive can be as high as $7,500, and you do not have the guarantee that your lost data will be recovered at all.

With Secure Online Backup from Big Sky Informatics, you can have a reliable back up solution for all your mission critical data. Our Secure Online Backup service can be the most effective solution to save you from the painful experience of losing all the important computer files.

Your most critical files and important data are secure with us
At Big Sky Informatics, our Secure Online Backup service is fully automated which means that as your data keeps changing, the same is continuously backed up so that you have the most updated back up of your important data. We take the back up in a secure data center located offsite where your data is archived in the most safe and secured manner with high quality security technologies. Our entire backup operation is largely undetectable which means the backup operation is unaffected by your normal workflow that keeps your critical data safe. Data is transmitted from your system or backup server to the offsite data centre in encrypted formats providing maximum security to your critical data.


If disaster strikes, where is your critical information?
If the worst happens, how fast can you be
up and running again?

Disaster recovery is the most overlooked aspect of business strategy and preparedness. Business owners never consider running an office without comprehensive insurance. The risks are far too great.

Yet, many of these same businesses lack a disaster recovery plan. Big Sky Informatics's IT consulting group can help you remedy this.
What it actually means. Disaster Recovery is about planning for the worst and hoping your planning is never needed. It begins with documenting the critical information your business needs to protect, reviewing your backup systems, and creating recovery systems for failed servers and critical computers.
It means having clear documentation and reference points so that in the case of a disaster, everyone knows how to access what they need. It means having recovery plans in place so that as little down time is occurring as possible.