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Each year customers are asked to complete a survey to assist BIG SKY INFORMATICS staff in maintaining quality services and improving services to customers.

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Online Support

 How we do online support?

        Computer problems fixed instantly via a safe and secure connection to our technicians via web. Our computer repair experts will have temporary access to use your computer through a remote internet connection.

 We are your solutions

            Adware/Spyware clean up

            Perform updates.

            Verify virus protection.

            Temporary files cleanup.

            Defragment hard drive.

            Startup optimization.

            Perform a virus scan.

            What do you get?

            Call as many times as you would like for help.

            Expedited dispatch for onsite support.

            Support for peripherals.

            Preventative maintenance to avoid problems in first place.

         Forget to take out your PC and bring to our shop. Just stay home and watch how we take care and fix your PC problem.


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